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Dance '82: Other Dances II
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Dance '82: Other Dances II
March, 1982
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Department of Theater and The Harper Dance Ensemble presents more new choreography and exciting dancing - "Other Dances II" dance concert, which showcases the following dance performances: "A Little Bit of Jazz," "School Days," "Two Ecstatic Themes," "Night at the Ritz," "Dance Suite," "Rainbows," "Ashes," "The Mary's," "Waiting," and "Busy Bees."
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Wendy Berman; Robin Bernstein; Joanne Borts; John Calabro; Danielle Druery; Angel Figueroa; Karen Getz; Shari Goodhartz; Donna Humphrey; Natalie Jakowlew; Jordan Leeds; Maritza Matias; Amy Rothman; David Serko; Valerie Widman; Caryn Binder; Elly Gail Haberman; Dara Krim; Lisa J. Leinbach; Leslie Lieman; Laura McEntire; Linda Nesenoff; Debbie Stoller; Penelope Hill; Charlie Calello Orchestra; Karen Beauter; Wendy Berger; Christine Bergmann; Jana Bronstein; Jackie Cohen; Frank De Gregorio; Linda Feldman; Ellen Flory; Frances Komisar; Pam March; Brian J. McCormick; Linda Nutter; Sandy Oirich; Grant Wilfley; Edwin Wintle; Dexter Harrison; Company; Rochelle Price; Kimberly Adams; Fiona Byrne; Pamela Cirincione; Leslie Pertes; Jannifer Williams; Paulette Williams; Trudy D. Cobb; Karin Weule; Loreen Korsmeier; Susan Hurwitz; David Mitnowsky; Melvin Pukowsky; Estelle Cimber; David Perez; Carl Greene; Dionisia Simona
Production Team
Marcie Baum; Cara Jonas; Anthony Nelson; Mark Cedar; Paul J. Palazzo; Chris Focht; Μ. T. Friede; Alan Kraus; Fran Blau; Cheryl Eller; John Eloy Vestal; Robert Little; U.S.A.; Judy Carsky; Donald Hawley; Michael Greene; Amy Pies Sanders; Deborah Perez; Ann Dunn; Tina Chiu; Nicole D. Alemanne; Amy Rothman; Natalie Jakowlew; David Serko; Jordan Leeds; Sue Hall; Jill Castro; Nancy Barrera; Pamela Hatchett; John McCarthy; Trudy D. Cobb; Melanie Stekas; Rhae Ann H. Busch; Richard Croskey
Special thanks to The University Dance Faculty, Allan Jackson, Harpur Dance Ensemble, and Al Hamme. Costume for "Two Ecstatic Themes" was reconstructed by Lois Terribile after Pauline Lawrence's original concept.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department
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