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The Hot L Baltimore
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The Hot L Baltimore
November, 1982
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
This human comedy set in the lobby of a rundown hotel, so seedy it has lost the "E" from its marquee, details the lives of the hotel's residents, young and old, the defiant and the resigned, as they meet and talk and interact with each other. A brilliant off-Broadway success by the outstanding young play-wright Lanford Wilson ("Talley's," "Folly," "The Fifth of July") earned the praise of the critics - "... as good as you will find in the modern American theater ... Wilson's writing is simply superb, a triumph of inspiration and craftsmanship." "Mr. Wilson's sad and funny about today ... a warm, intelligent, wonderful evening of theater."
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Paul Klementowicz; Karen Lee Getz; Geoffrey Tarson; Maggy Garet; Stacie Barron; Robin Lynn Gralnick; Ben Gilinsky; Penny Powell; Daniel Horowitz; Frederick L. Chacon; Natalie Jakowlew; Mark Hennessy; Cathy Parrinello; Bill Modic; Adam Fischler
Production Team
Susan B. Hall; Don Guido; Melissa Salz; Pamela Wellwarth; Susan R. Beach; Michael B. Greene; Susan Burdette Hall; Phil Atlakson; Jon Carlson; David Karns; Nicholas Evans; Alan Monder; Marilyn Becker; Maures Stiastny; Theater 103 Students; Theater 244 Students; Amy Sanders; David Mitnowsky; Debbie Kane; Wendy Binkowitz; Orestes Mihaly; Ken Grudens; Jill Castro; Meredith Halpern; Donna Humphrey; Xan Ellis; Theater 241 Students; Cheryl Eller; Sharon Brown; Kerri Shelton; Carrie Gorden; Mary J. VanVactor; Karen Getz; Wendy Berman; Angie Ostracher; Mara Shade; Eileen Orringer; Barbara Therich; Barrie Ladenheim; Beth Halpern; Laurie Klein; Adam Brown; Adam Sperigan; Dianne Glave; Richard Smith; Mark Cedar; Paul Cruskie; Michelle Mudge; Janina Cavin; Jana Llynn; Vi Bielenberg; Barry Eisenberg; Christa Glassman; Mary Ann Hallacy; Chris Ruigomez; Joan Torrieri; Matthew Wiener
Special thanks to The Wild Pair, Oakdale Mall.
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