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A Little Night Music
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A Little Night Music
July and August, 1982
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
A sophisticated and enchanting musical described as having "...a smile on its lips, flirtation in its eye and a sweet melancholy in its heart." Stephen Sondheim has become one of Broadway's giants (Follies, Sweeney Todd, Company, and many more) and this is one of his finest efforts.
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Jeff Goodwin; Robin L. Gralnick; Ellen Korner; Jordon Leeds; Wendy Gibofsky; Valerie Widman; Noni Smith; David Serko; Joshua Farrell; Denise Clegg; Randolph Messing; Joanne Borts; Melinda Lawrence; Susan Bothwell; Lynda Scheer; Margaret Nash; Adam Fischler; Claus Evans; Karen Sue Castellano; Chris Eller; Susan J. Peters; Rene Tedesco; Mary Jane Keeler; David Howland; Eamonn Conolly; Richard Wolin; Donna Wood; Lana Schabloski; Cindy Fassler; Neil Garges; Jeri Burns; Richard Holleran; Marie Sigmann; Chris Ruigomez
Production Team
Carol Hanscom; Rene Tedesco; David Serko; Marit Sheffield; Daniel E. Gaylord; Tina Chiu; Penny Powell
Special thanks to: Prescott-Pierson (Food Service Equipment, Vestal Parkway), Dandi-Lion (111 W. Main, Endicott), Stedman's Antiques (122 W. Main, Endicott), Ethan Allen Carriage House (Vestal Parkway), Scotch & Sirloin Restaurant (400 Plaza Dr., Binghamton), Tioga Gardens (Owego, NY)
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