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Whose Life Is It AnywayCM
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Whose Life Is It AnywayCM
June, 1981
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
A London and New York hit with the distinction of being successful in two separate Broadway versions, one with Britain's Tom Conti and one with Mary Tyler Moore (both of whom won Tony Awards for their efforts). A gripping and surprisingly funny battle of wit, conscience and strategy as a paralyzed sculptor fights an eminent physician for the right to make the ultimate decisions regarding his life -- and death.
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Tom Kremer; Lisa Onofri; Carol Hanscom; Bernardo Rosa, Jr.; Melanie Johnson; Bernie Sheredy; Lynda Scheer; Jeffrey Nuding; John Wilson; Paulette Lunn; John E. Bielenberg; Bruce Friedman; Janet Normile
Production Team
Lauraa Knochen; Marit C. Sheffield; Velaria Thompson; Daniel Gaylord
Empire Health Care; Scott Hughes; Lourdes Hospital; Don Levin; Pam Kunkle; Virginia Monserrate; Susan M. Seibold; Barbara Friend
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