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May, 1981
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
Tartuffe was first presented as a 3-act play before King Louis XIV on May 12, 1664, and, entitled Tartuffe ou L'Imposteur. Moliere had dared to invade an area where no invasion was permitted - religion, To Moliere's contemporaries every aspect of religion was absorbing, but one did not write about it in a comedy. The play was immediately banned and, consequently, set in motion one of the most intense controversies in the history of theatre. On February 5, 1669, more than four years later, Royal license was finally officially granted by Louis XIV for the performance of Tartuffe in the version we see today. Response to Tartuffe, after its very first performance, by Pierre Roulle, a vicar of St. Barthelenny: "A man, or rather a demon in flesh and habited as a man, has had the impiety and abomination to bring forth from his devilish mind a play ready to be rendered public. He deserves for this sacrilegious and impious act the severest exemplary and public punishment - he should be burned at the stake as a foretaste of the fires of hell." Director's notes: It is important to bear in mind that Moliere wrote Tartuffe essentially to amuse his public and to comment on the life of his time in the light of his own ideas and temperament. It is quite true that the playwright is packed with hidden references to the social and religious views, practices, habits, and thoughts of the time --but these references were natural and inevitable in a man who read and observed everything that came his way. To tear them from their context and to employ them to prove that Moliere was undermining the truth of Christendom, or specifically attacking the Jesuits as alleged, is utterly to mistake the man and his method.
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Adriana Water; Bill Gorman; Julie Feidner; Kevin Killebrew; Robin Gordon; Reg Britz; John Wilson; Ian Edelstein; Carol Hanscom; Claus Evans; Marisa Warner
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Pamela Thompson; Sue Seibold; Barbara Wolfe; Dan Gaylord; Matthew Wiener; John Slater; Denise Clegg
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