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Spoon River Anthology
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Spoon River Anthology
February and March, 1981
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"[Edgar Lee Masters] is the spiritual sexton of Spoon River. / He lays bare all the hidden life of the town, / With all the freedom of the dead, who know no shame, / Who have neither reticences nor hope anymore. / He uncovers all these common lives for our inspection, / As ruthlessly as a hyena among shallow graves. / His Anthology is a morgue of souls. / A Charnel house of decayed characters." --- Bliss Carman (The Forum)
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Paulette Lunn; Wendy Gibofsky; Avi Landau; Anne Mascell; David Black; Jeffrey Nuding; Peter Gorobetz; Lisa Onofri; Mark Hennessy; Cheryl Faver; Denise Clegg; Jordan Leeds; James Bennett; Andrew Hirsch
Production Team
Laura Jean Knochen; Susan Berch; Susan Hochhauser; Elizabeth A. Moro; Stacie Barron; Zakaria Ibrahim; Cara Jonas; Eileen Oringer; Alison Zimet; Garet; Jeff Fergeson; Josh Perl; Jon Slater; Gary Steel; Sue Seibold; Daniel Gaylord; Deborah Peretz; Joseph Bowen; Robin Gralnick; Bryan Johnson; Cheryl Eller; Yolanda Bell; Emily Coleman; Julie Fiedner; Porfirio Figueroa; Robin Lippet; Lee Mantelman; Sylvia Sheret Newman; Karen Trachtenberg; Sandy Miller; Bernardo Rosa Jr.; Diane Fargo; Theater 291H Scene Painting Students; Neil Greenberg; John Eloy Vestal; Adriene Andrews; Frank Avelline; Wendy Binkowitz; Sharon Brown; Vinny DeTurris; Lori Kohn; Eric Whitecombe
WHRW and Peter Talbot.
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