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Death of a Salesman
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Death of a Salesman
April and May, 1981
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
This production is dedicated to Robert Robinson upon his retirement.
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Michael Ryan; Melanie Johnson; Bruce Friedman; Seth Hammerman; Don Freyleue; Jeffrey Nuding; Karen S. Castellano; Ira Belgrade; Peter Gorobetz; Beth Amy Halpern; Bernardo Rosa Jr.; Alyssa Lipton; Lovette George
Production Team
Matthew Wiener; Rick Wolin; Marit Sheffield; Eileen Orringer; Ira Belgrade; Jackie Wilcher; Jef Ferguson; John Slater; Cary Steel; Robert Hill; Susan Hochhauser; Mark Milamow; Amy Sanders; George Herasimtschuk; Jeff Pines; Theater 103 Students; Theater 244 Students; Sue Hall; M. T. Friede; Mark Hennessy; Howie Baumel; Dan Caylord; Candy McCee; Josh Perl; Jordan Leeds; Patrick Shane; Paul Palazzo; Sue Seibold; Walter Roberts; Sue Berch; Kevin Ghaffare; Donna Muir; Cheryl Eller; Yolanda Bell; Susan Berch; Barbara Wolfe; Robin Lippet; Lee Mantelman; Julie Feidner; Sylvia Sheret Newman; Sandy Miller; Bernardo Rosa Jr.; Karen S. Castellano; Lorrie Emberton; Maritza Matras; Theater 291H Students; David Rogers
Special thanks to Howard's Florists. Mr. Ryan appears through the courtesy of Actor's Equity Association.
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