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Enter a Free Man
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Enter a Free Man
October, 1981
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"'Enter A Free Man' was Tom Stoppard's first play. It was originally written as a television play and produced under the title 'A Walk on the Water' in 1963. Its first performance under its present title in a stage version occurred in London in 1968. By that time Stoppard was al­ready well known, principally as the author of 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead,' a farrago of pseudo-intellectual coruscations that bam­boozled all of the academic critics—who, as usual, were obsequiously trot­ ting along in servile emulation of the newspaper reviewers. 'Enter A Free Man' was written before Stoppard had taught himself the trick of hoodwink­ing the critics by gilding nonsense with the appearance of profundity by means of liberal dollops of literary and philosophical references. 'Enter A Free Man,' then, has none of the ornate verbal trappings of Stoppard's later plays. (One wonders if he takes himself seriously. Probably.) It can be looked upon either as a play about an English and somewhat reduced version of Flaubert's Bouvard or Pecuchet, a man to whom we must grudgingly give our admiration because of the 'difference' and independent spirit that his wife sees in him, or as a play about the invincible tenacity and sur­vival value of idiocy." --- George Wellwarth
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Bill Gorman; Ellen Korner; Dorrie Lieman; Mark Hennessy; Donna Harfenist; Don Freyleue; Charles Malat; Alan Dourmashkin
Production Team
Susan B. Hochhauser; Stacie Barron; Barbara Carroll; Penny Powell; Sue Hall; Sue Siebold; Sharon Brown; Kevin Gaffari; Mary Northing; Debbie Peretz; Mary VanVactor; Dan Gaylord; Laura Knochen; Ken Ornstein; Paul Palazzo; Bernardo Rosa; Liane Lewis; Lisa Onofri; Cheryl Eller; Sylvia Sheret-Newman; Karen Castellano; Halli Moskowitz; Phil Atlakson; Wendy Berman; Wendy Binkowitz; Sal Chiarelli; Robert Friedman; Karen Getz; Susan B. Hochhauser; Josh Perl; Students in Theater 103-TechnicaI Production; Marcia Brown
TIME CORNER. Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.
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