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Damn Yankees
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Damn Yankees
November, 1981
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
We must go back some twenty-five years and recall (or learn) that the structure of professional baseball was different from what it is now. Believe it or not, there was an American League team in Washington, D C. called the “ Senators" that played in Griffith Stadium. There were only eight teams in each of the National and American Leagues. The standings during any given season easily broke down into an "upper division" of the four teams having the best won/lost records and the "lower division" which was made up of the other four teams. Thus, the lower division teams were the lackluster, mediocre ones with the "cellar-dweller" being the worst. "Damn Yankees" is based upon a popular novel of the fifties titled "The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant."
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David Black; Denise Clegg; Bruce Friedman; Cara Jonas; Mary Van Vactor; Avi Landau; Bernardo Rosa, Jr.; Jordan Leeds; Jordan Pankin; Harry Rodriguez; Edward Shapiro; David J. Perez; Michael Landman; Don Freyleue; Don McCoy; Jamie Cheatham; Karen Castellano; Mark Cedar; Bill Gere; Dan Spector; Natalie Jakowlew; Joanne Borts; Valerie Widman; George Wellwarth; Marit Sheffield; Jill Margolis; Wendy Berman; Amy Rothman; Julie Carr; Lovette George; Francine Berk; Lisa Goldberg; Tonya Bass; Rick Wolin; Scott Berkowitz; Susan J. Peters; Jeri Burns; Mildred Brady; Richard Clark; Jan Woiler; David Howland; Fran Friedberg; David Nodiff; Lisa McLellan; Peggy Weinberg; John McLellan; Phyllis Calistro; Cindy Fassler; Daniel Elias; Cheryl Mirkin; Gerald Seti; Tracy Wolf; Paul Rolnick; Valerie Marvin; Charlie Manna; Steve Addamo; Jim Dalpiaz; Sheldon Ross; Marie Sigmann; David Bescher; Brenda Lidestri; R. Daniel Magowan; James Bennett; Kevin K. Killebrew; Sharon Golove; Todd Sheldon; John Hill; Sharrie Maricle; Alex Jacobowitz
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Susan Hall; Deborah Peretz; Barbara Carroll; Laura Knochen; Michael Green; Elizabeth Moro; Xan Ellis; Amy Sanders; Sharon Brown; Peter Bohush; Anne Dunn; Mark Leiber; Alan Mukamel; Susan Seibold; Wendy Binkowitz; Bernardo Rosa, Jr.; Angel Verdejo; Donna Harfenist; Liane Lewis; Joanne Borts; Tara Kassoff; Judy Stenger; David Serko; David Rabert; Sue Carlini; Linda Nutter; Cara Saposnik; Cheryl Eller; Sylvia Sheret- Newman; Robert Rabert; Halli Moskowitz; Jackie Wilcher; Doreen Muldoon; Maritza Matias; Theater 103 Students; Beth Seigfeld; July Salwen; Anthony Nelson; Laurie Clan; Lawrence Williams; Paula Bellia; Lisa Onofri; Neil Greenberg; Cathy Parrinello; Paul Brown; Jeri Burns; Marie Sigmann; Nancy Nellen; James Bennett; Bill Megaliff; Karen Getz; Beth Silverstein; Alison Zimet; Vi Bielenberg; Ellen Dougherty; Eileen Orringer; Pamela Ritchey; Barbara Smith; Ann Sundberg
Special thanks to Professor Larry Verbit and Phil Messina.
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