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Dance '81: Other Dances
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Dance '81: Other Dances
April, 1981
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
The Theatre Department and The Harper Dance Ensemble presented "Other Dances" dance concert which showcased the following dance performances: "Mergence," "Drifting," "Call From Beyond," "Deer Watch," "Pastiche," "Themeless Variations," "Step to the Music," "La Inspiration De Dionisa," "Silver Sounds," "He Ain't ... He Ain't Heavy," "Recharged!," and "Gathering."
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Linda Alessio; Amy Bernstein; Gabriel Bobek; Arthur Lee Butler; Fiona Byrne; Judy Carsky; Eileen O'Loughlin; Phyllis Gordon; Susan Gordon; Donna Humphrey; Barrie Ladenheim; Linda Nesenoff; Joshua Perl; Joanne Borts; Mary Corsaro; David Mingrino; Linda Spadanuta; Richard Hugunine; Lisa Gilden; Karin Weule; Natalie Jakowlew; Michael DiFonzo; Porfirio Figueroa Jr.; Amy Rothman; Karen Getz; David Serko; Shari Goodhartz; Lou D'Angelo; Jordan Leeds; Robin Gordon; Wendy Berman; Robin Bernstein; Emily Hayden; Lisa Bloom; Joan Schild; Stella Harley; Jennifer Blumenthal; Maritza Matias; Sharon Furgatch; Shari Gruder; Cynthia Morrell; Stacey Lelio; Barbara Solomon; Ann Sundberg; Donna Humphrey; Dona Smith; Phillip Cox; Mark G. Robinson; Eugene Armstrong, Jr.; Yolanda Bell; Sonja Blue; Sherrie Bradshaw; Donnariis Tas; Marie Vancol; Jacki Dixon; Lorrie Emberton
Production Team
Linda Spadanuta; Walter M. Roberts; Cara Jonas; Takeo Fujikura; Mark Leiber; Theresa Rodriquez; Sharon Brown; Lorrie Emberton; Lisa Onofri; Harry Rodriquez; Laura Jean Knochen; Debbie Peretz; Patrick Shane; Tom Tully; Marisa Warner; Wendy Gibofsky; Cheryl Eller; Julie Feiner; Sylvia Sheret Newman; Yolanda Bell; Susan Berch; Judy Carsky; Emili Coleman; Diane Cistola; Robin Lippet; Lee Mantelman; Karen Trachtenberg; Val Thompson; Chris Focht; Ed Hawley; Joanne Borts; Natalie Jakowlew; Michele Stolls; Wendy Berman; Karen Getz; Robin Gordon; Stacey Lelio; Tonya Bass; Maritza Matias; Lisa Fanning; Kathleen Nolan; Trudy Cobb; Mary Corsaro
Special thanks to David Eckert, Al Hamme, Susan Peters,The Improv Project (Bob Bers, Bill Carter, Karen Charney, Doug Cohen, Jeff Karns, Steve Goldenberg, Rick Rosoff, Jim Wilding), and Bernardo Rosa Jr. Jane Olivor; Martin Luther King.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department;
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