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The Pajama Game
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The Pajama Game
July and August, 1980
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
"Hey There," "Hernando's Hideaway," and "Steam Heat" are only three of the many memorable musical numbers from "Pajama Game," a tuneful look at the eternal battle between management and labor, man and woman.
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Bernie Sheredy; Richard G. Smith; David Mingrino; John Harley; Joanne Borts; David Eckert; Clarissa M. Robinson; David Sarko; Wayne Markover; Lawrence S. Williams; Becky Samuelson; Ellen Korner; Robin Gordon; Lori Wilner; Linda Spadanuta; Valeria Thompson; Peter Gorobetz; John Wilson; Renee Tedesco; Cheri Cole; Joe Berardelli; Adam Flint; Cindy Fassler; Elliot Brivic; John Connell; Ed Kenyon; Neil Garges; Jim Borden; Rick Wolin; Scott Odell
Production Team
Carol Hanscom; David Sarko; Renee Tedesco; John Wilson; Mary Hoxie; Amanda Purkis; Marisa Warner; William Casterlin; Marit Sheffield; Sam Hofferbert; John Koons
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