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The Sunlight Dialogues
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The Sunlight Dialogues
October, 1980
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Based on the novel by John Gardner.
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Joseph Bowen; Karen Sue Castellano; Ira Belgrade; John L. Wilson; Bill Gorman; Mark Hennessy; Milton Clark, Jr.; Bernardo Rosa, Jr.; David Serko; Don Boros; Bruce E. Friedman; Sara Louise Ruckterstuhi; Melanie Ruth Johnson; Claus Evans; Jordan Leeds; Lisa Onofri; Janet Normiie; Paulette Lunn; Janet Rubinstein; Avi Landow; Richard Smith; Anna Mancuso; Peggy Weinberg; Cheryl Merkin; Gary Forman; Ann Moceyunas; Gerald Radlaver; Pej Donahue; David Howland; Jeri Burns; Jeff Sobel; Rick Wolin; Bob Bers; John E. Hill
Production Team
Barbara Carroll; Gail Dickersin; John L. Wilson; Laura Knochen; Sirinder Sidhu; Don Freylene; Robert Wyatt; Paul J. Palazzo; Julie Felidner; Bruce Friedman; Dan Gaylord; Neil Greenberg; Laura Jean Knochen; Nevio Sampaolesi; Susan Seibold; Pam Thompson; Karen Trachtenberg; Phil Browning; Stella Harley; John E. Vestal; Μ. T. Friede; Robert Paul Wyatt; Cathy Parrinello; John Baker; Deborah Perez; Bill Casterlin; Joe Bowen; Sarah Schoelkopf; Cynthia A. Garcia; Yolanda Bell; J. E. Ferguson; Jonathan Slater; Bob Wagner; Mike Adler; Gary Steele; Garet; Mike Lederer; Members of Theater 103 Class
Endlcott Police Department: Chief Lee Sands, Captain Kenneth Bidwell, Dispatcher Kay Hashem, Lieutenant R. L. O'Hara, and Officer R. E. Hastings; The Binghamton Police Academy: Patrolman Anthony Ruffo and Patrolman Robert Cicak; The New York Telephone Company; Magician: Daniel Helfgott; Roberson Center for the Arts and Sciences.
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