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June, 1979
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
Chronology: 1846 - William F. Cody born in Le Claire, Iowa, on February 26. 1866 - Geronimo surrenders. 1868 - William Cody accepts employment to provide food for railroad workers; kills 4,280 buffalos. Receives the nickname "Buffalo Bill." 1869 - Buffalo Bill, the King of the Border Men, a dime novel by Neil Buntline, names Buffalo Bill a national hero. 1872 - Expedition west in honor of Grand Duke Alexis of Russia, Buffalo Bill as guide. 1876 - Battle at the Little Big Horn; Custer killed. 1877 - Chief Joseph surrenders. 1878 - Buffalo Bill plays himself in Scouts of the Plains, a play by Ned Buntline. 1879 - Wild Bill Hickok joins Buffalo Bill on the stage. 1883 - "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Sho" gives first performance, is great success. 1885 - Sitting Bull allowed to join Wild West Show, tour with company for a year. 1886 - United States Commission visits Standing Rock Reservation to investigate Indian grievances. 1890 - Sitting Bull assassinated, December 15. 1890 - Wounded Knee Massacre, December 25. The play derives in part from this chronology but does not strictly adhere to it.
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Tom Kremer; Jewdyer Osborne; Richard Cuyler; John Wilson; James Ansart; Neal Lerner; James D'Saro; Neil Herlands; Carol Hanscom; David Spaulding; Howard Korder; Chris Honan; Michael Lederer; John Bielenberg; Carol Hanscom; Richard Leech; James Peters; Tom Ness; Jay Pattee; Al Potter; Fred Pierce; Douglas Wilson; James Cheatham; Bruce Hughes; Ross Williams
Produced through special arrangements with Samuel B. French Inc.
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