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A History of American Film
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A History of American Film
April, 1979
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
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Debbie Salador; Jeff Schmidt; Adinah Shulimson; Janet Lazarus; Steve Nevill; Jesse Rabinowitz; John Wilson; Howard Korder; Ruebn Santiago; Kirk Jackson; David Serko; Adriana Warner; Stacy Lidell; Amy Potozkin; Susan J. Peters; Neil Fleischer; Bill Yaman; Michael Morsch; Kyle Kveton; Danny Elias; Stuart Cohen; Craig Lewis
Production Team
John Bader; Janet Rose; Susan J. Peters; Adinah Shulimson; Jeff Blodgett; Kathy Bilyea; John Marean; Janet Sussman; Mindy Berchansky; Virginia Castagna; Lisa Gamsu; Elana Greenfield; Chris Honan; Sherry Resich; Tony Salese; Dave Serko; Andy Wollowitz; Robert C. Leventhal; Jan Utstein; Bill Byron; Dee Keith; Marisa Warner
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Special thanks to Phil Conole and Jeff Goodman.
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