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Under Milkwood
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Under Milkwood
February and March, 1978
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"Under Milkwood" is a bawdy, hilarious, and passionate celebration of love by Dylan Thomas. "Originally titled 'The Town that was Mad,' Milkwood is a poetic evocation of Laugharne. Thomas paints a dramatic land­scape - the sea, the creamy moon, the deep wood, sprinkled with figures bound by love. The play is meant to be experi­enced, not analyzed; to evoke feeling, not reason; above all, to be listened to, not believed, for it is Thomas’ rich vocabulary, his sensual appreciation of words, his witty, often bawdy, poetic sympathy with the human condition, his language, that is his legacy to literature." --- Marion Hanscom
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Larry F. Beers; Ron Goldberg; Lawrence Hardy; Doug Leonard; Stacy Carol Lidell; Krista Maider; Ken Meeker; Annie Moore; Darci Picoult; Lisbeth Roman; Debbie Salador; David W. Spaulding; Jeffrey Goodman; Anne Glussman; Fritz Lowenstein; Mimi Rabson; John Nolan; Esther Hall; Lynn Toni Bares; Deborah Vatcher; Reginald Harvey; Joel Horowitz; Mark Gilston; Susan Peters
Production Team
Samuel L. Pinkus; Jeffrey Goodman; Anne Glussman; Debe Miller; Kerin Gitlin; Mona Slade; Nancy Evanetski; Karen Martin; Shelley Weiner; Sara Lanin; Jeffrey Segal; Miriam Rabson; Dave Hall; April Lasher; Robert C. Robinson; Suzzane Jacobs; Mindy Berchansky; Schira Tannor; Linda Giese; Karen Pellon; Fred Goldberg
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