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The Music Man
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The Music Man
November, 1978
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Seventy-six trombones, an Iowa town, brass bands, a traveling salesman, a spinster librarian, and a little boy; this musical comedy is a down home celebration as American as apple pie. "The Music Man" was winner of both the Tony Award and the Drama Critics' Circle Award.
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Bill Byron; Ron Goldberg; Eric Gumpert; Neil Fleisher; Neil Herlands; Peter Gorobetz; David Spaulding; Jim Ansart; Matthew Wiener; Jeffrey Goodman; Neal Lerner; Richard Smith; Steve Sabowitz; Dave Serko; Janet Rubinstein; Robin Flukinger; Michelle La Rose; Don Bernardo; Todd Rozen; Elyse Locurto; Robin Gordon; Laurie Darch; Paula Quaranta; Robin Lippet; Suzanne Smith; Jane Himelfarb; Krista Maider; Josh Farrell; Carolyn Dow; Roberta Fernandez; Lori Wilner; Sue Carlini; Chris Honan; Michael Jennings; Wayne Markover; David Mingrino; Linda Spadanuta; Deborah Suchoff; Jonathon Miller; Laurie B. Musiker; Arthur Kaye; Lisa R. Marmor; Lynn Toni Bares; Elliot Brivic; Danny Elias; Marty Ungewitter; Michael C. Tucker; Beth Ann Schoonmaker; Kerin Gitlin; Bonnie Aronowitz; Brian Manker; Michael Weil; Paula Shifrin; Jeff Riskin; Seth Fitter; Gary Forman; Greg Lituchy; Craig Lewis; Rich Steiner; Howard Plonchak; Eric Schwartz; Barbara Zajaczkowski
Production Team
Russ Rosensweig; Jeffrey B. Eisenberg; Dave Hall; Krista G. Maider; Michael Jennings; Sue Carlini; Barbara Zajaczkowski; Susan J. Peters; Lori Wilner; Chris Arneson; Alan Gold; Bonnie Aronowitz; Hillary Schwartz; Beth Kuhn; Shellie Cee Wiener; David Weiss; Sherry Reisch; Jessie Burg; Janet Sussman; Faith Smith; Ed Simone; Richard G. Smith; Jeff Blodgett; Bob Levinthal; Neal Greenberg; Robert C. Robinson; Don Santi; Susanne Jacobs; Bonnie Eslofsky; Michael Weiss; Marco Rodriguez; Jan S. Utstein; Stephanie White; Alecia Lane; John Eloy Vestal; Sharon J. Braunstein; Cathy Subatch; Diane Fargo; Linda Giese; Laura Weston; Carol Turturro; Barbara Scharf; Abby Turner; Deidre Cline; Brenda Regensberger; Marcia Tovsky; Rosemarry Bonfiglio; Patrice Cianciosi; Kerin Gitlin; Stephani Herman; Chris Honan; Beth Ann Schoonmaker; Barbara Wolfe; Karen Castellano; Mara Schwartz; Marisa Warner; Kelley Fennessy; Wendy Gibotsky; Cara Jonas; Kim Constine; Joanne Fuchs; Lexy Holcomb; Howard Korder; Alan Kraus; Amy Manso; Steven Schreiber; David Shore; Debbie Tulchin; Paul Weinstein
Special thanks to Tom Closser, Nick Hazilla, and Al Hamme.
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