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Dance '78: Body Songs
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Dance '78: Body Songs
May, 1978
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"Body Songs" presented an evening of modern and jazz dances. It also featured special guest artists from the NYU School of Fine Arts. It showcased the following dances: "Sails (1977)," "Reliquary of a Woman," "Breakpoint (1976)," "Haetu (premiere)," "One More Time and Then We Can Go," "Devadasi (premiere)," "Changing Times (1978)," "Wiesenspiel (1978)," "Chenango Suite (premiere)," "Trix (1978)," and "Ergon (premiere)."
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Belle Ling; Rachel Leucht; Deborah Miller; Ned Gelfars; William Slote; Lisa Dubrow; Lauren Lipshutz; Marilu Morreale; Jessica Nugent; Roni Gross; Ernie Goldberg; Mara Sanchez; Heather Campbell; Alexander Lampert; Carolyn Dorfman; Carol Carmien; Isabel Glasser; Hope Krasner; Lisa Thomas; Judy Levine; Ted Rosenbaum; Jay Rosner; Joel Vanini; llene Dzik; Joanna Luks; Zita Wenzel; Stacy Weissman; Mary Corsaro; Guest artists from New York University School of Fine Arts
Production Team
Roni Gross; Anne Glussman; David W. Spaulding; Jay Armstrong; Chris Cosbey; Goldie Dicks; Rea Masselle; Lynn Collins; Karen R. Pellon; Fred Goldberg
Guest artist from New York University School of Fine Arts under the direction of Stuart Hodes. Carol Carmien is student coordinator.
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