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The Round Dance
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The Round Dance
February, 1977
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Arthur Schnitzler's scathing satire of Viennese society, which he published for friends in 1900, was not premiered in Germany until 1921. His prediction that the public was not ready for his play was proved correct when Berlin audiences and critics railed against its "immorality and lasciviousness." Following a famous court case, Schnitzler withdrew the rights to all future productions. Only in the last twenty years have American audiences been able to see this all-too-seldom-produced masterpiece.
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Kitty Crooks; Ken Meeker; Suzanne Seltzer; Arthur Goldweit; Marilyn Rose Rogers; David Young; Ann M. McGough; Dan Lackey; Olivia Catt; Stephen Sammond
Production Team
Laurie J. Greenwald; Danette Lipten; Robert F. Vollo; Amy Manso; David Weiss; Helen Wood; Suzanne Seltzer; Fred Goldberg; Janice Thom; Alecia Lane; Robert C. Robinson; Michael Ennist; Members of Thea 282; Andrew Wallowitz; Karen Martin; Lisbeth Roman; Nelson Wood; Avis L. Allman; Maxine Tall; Jennifer E. Lukac; Clifford of Continental Coiffures
Special thanks to Margarethe Janauer, Carol Hageman, Fred Mellert, Phil Conole.
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