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King Lear
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King Lear
March, 1977
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"King Lear" is, "as has been noted many times by critics, an “elemental” play. Passions of love, hate, rejection, and parenthood are presented in stark, almost primitive outline and, as though to stress the point, storm, lightning, battle, and death are woven throughout the fabric of the play in an almost contrapuntal fashion. Lear, more than any of Shakespeare’s plays, demands both the cooperation and the imagination of the audience, for the magnificence of the work transcends the boundaries of the theater itself. It is, perhaps, less a stage vehicle than many other Shakespeare plays; yet, it is this very fact that makes it Shakespeare’s masterpiece." --- Alfred G. Brooks (Director's Note)
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Ken Ruta; Philip Deitch; Neal Leibowitz; Neal Lerner; Martin Zeichner; Charles O'Hara; E. Kevin Barry; Bernie Sheredy; Ian Steadman; Leon Glow; David Silvey; Marc Mayo; Andrew Hunt; Barry Kur; Eleanor Ruth-Murray; Janet Lazarus; Carol Hanscom; Philip Deitch; Carolyn Borger; Lisa Hogan; Hilary Schwartz
Production Team
Karin Dee Levitt; Debbie Tulchin; Johanna Brams; Philip Kennedy; Robert C. Robinson; Rita Rigano; Chuma B. Chukwu; David Weiss; Alecia Lane; Adriana Warner; Andrew Wollowitz; Michael Baumgarten; Karen M. Katz; Ron Katz; Tim Kivel; Amy Manso; Michael A. Ennist; Rick Augustine; Kathryn Bilyea; Sharon Braunstien; Carl Dashman; Dave Hall; Pat Halligan; Wai Lai; Karin Levitt; John Mardean; Jeff Wachtel; Members of Theater 103; Rita Rigano; Stephanie Herman; Janet Eiger; Owen Pell; Richard G. Smith; Lisbeth Roman; Danette Lipten; Carolyn Borger; Donna Faltyn; Ruben Santiago; Hillary Schwartz; Avis Allman; Maxine Tall; Michael David Quinn; Fred Goldberg; Jennifer E. Lukac; Clifford of Continental Coiffures
Special thanks to Sue Ann Park, Phil Conole, Grant Best, and The Tri-Cities Opera Company, John Vestal, and “ Bessie.” Mr. Ruta appears through arrangement with Actor’s Equity Association.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department
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