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Guys and Dolls
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Guys and Dolls
November, 1977
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
One of the most loved musical comedies ever seen on Broadway, "Guys and Dolls" has proved to be irresistible over a quarter of a century. Who has not heard of Nathan Detroit, Harry the Horse, Big Jule, Miss Adelaide, and Sarah Brown? "Guys and Dolls" is one of those rare musicals where a strong book (based on Damon Runyon's story, "The Idyll of Sarah Brown") is matched by brilliant music and lyrics. While his characters have by now assumed almost mythical proportions, songs like "If I were a Bell," "Luck Be a Lady," and "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat" have lost none of their romance, seriousness, and hilarity.
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Ron Goldberg; Kirk Jackson; Richard Wiebe; Ann Melissa McGough; Darci Picoult; Lisi Axelrad; Carolyn Dow; Danny Rosemarin; Howard Kuttner; John Parry; David Segelman; Michael Gordon; Arthur Goldweit; Mark Houghtaling; Adinah Shulimson; Tony Salese; Anne Glussman; Kathleen Groves; Jesse Aaron Rabinowitz; Olivia Catt; Michael DiFonzo; Frank DiSpaltro; Marcia Eisenberg; Porfirio Figuerda; Robin Gordon; Geoffrey Magee; Tom Schoenherr; Linda Spadanuta; Veleria Thompson; Karen Heaphey; Augie Venturini; Beth Schoonmaker; Paul Charles; Bob Sarachan; Karen Michalec; Reginald Harvey; Augie Venturini; Mark Zavatto; Carol Schneider; Sue Lawson; Ken Steiger; Dave Bespalko; Paul Gilmore; Gary Forman; Jeff Pardes; Dick Gower; Bob Twining; Neil Conaty; Alex Hertz; Ian Ganassi; Damon Mangual
Production Team
Chuma B. Chukwu; Jeffrey Levy; Kerin Gitlin; Mark Cohen; Jeffrey Eisenberg; Olivia Catt; Miriam Rabson; Susan J. Peters; Karen Michalec; Steve Lutvak; Ronald Thompson; Joanne Cronin; Roberta Fernandez; Janice Giangrande; Lisa Goldberg; Dan Lotto; Katy McGarrity; Susan Nash; Susan Klein; Peter Reese; Alecia Lane; Michael H. Baumgarten; Janet Eiger; Karen Martin; Nancy Evanetsky; Nancy Grudens; Tony Bednarczyk; Barbara Fabian; Huey Fabian; Judy Scher; Jenny Thom; Jeffery Segal; Richard Smith; Sue Ann Park; Robert C. Robinson; Kathy Bilyea; Shellie Wiener; Sharon Braunstem; Andy Hunt; Janice Thom; Laurie Greenwald; David Hall; Matthew Goldstein; David Spaulding; Andy Wollowitz; Jonathan Blum; Suzanne Jacobs; Sam Pinkus; Suzanne Smith; Heidi Charmatz; Josh Sessler; Brenda Regensberger; Debby Schwartz; Sara Chazen; Jeff Stern; Pam Cicero; Michal Turiel; Linda Giese; Karen Resnick Pellon; Fred Goldberg; Lynn Collins; Martin Zeichner; Mildred Moore; Elana Greenfield; Robin Frank
Acknowledgements to Dwight Lee Edwards, Paula Lane, Phil Murdock, Beth Clark, and Betty Armondy. Special thanks to Hesse’s Music Store, Inc.
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