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Rites and Calm Down Mother
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Rites and Calm Down Mother
March, 1975
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
A double bill of contemporary plays by and about and performed by women. "Rites and Calm Down Mother" was presented to celebrate International Women's Year.
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Joy Alter; Roberta Eagle; Janet Lazarus; Amy Williams; Eleanor Murray; Lisbeth Roman; Myndie Sobel; Fatima Zaki; Karen Marcus; Shirley Brown; Victoria Devany; Carol Flanscom; Judith Rogers; Valerie Etzel; Victoria Minor; Suzanne Seltzer; Alfonso Beatty; John Casey; Louis Demarco; Charles Farruggia; George Perez; Scott Pharis; Richard Snover; Billie Holiday; Miriam Gideon; Mabel Daniels; Julia Smith; Louise Talma; Susan Peters; Peggy Lee; Miriam Makeba; Carly Simon; Carol King; Judy Collins; Helene Mora; Jennie Lindsay; Mary Rodgers; Margaret Harris; Lucinda Baldwin; Debbie Neu; Gail Svenson; Laura Goodheim
Production Team
Robert C. Robinson; Rachel Budin; Rosaria Sinisi; Darci Picoult; Joe Fioccola; Steve Almekinder; Michael Baumgarten; Josh Orlean; Ron Lynch; Jerry Aaron; Theater 111 Students; Fred Buchanan; Bob Ferraro; Janice Thom; Mitch Lasky; Richard Smith; Theresa DiMassino; Fredrika Glantz; Amy Leveen; Richard Klees; Grey Johnson; Rosalyn Martuscello; Theater 112 Class; Adrianne Despot; Monica Spence; Roy Abbott, Avis Rice; Ellen Feinberg; Clifford of Continental Coiffures; Chris Focht
Arthur Lessac, Marion Hanscom (play reader). Optical Vision of the Vestal Plaza, Deborah Cuyler, Justin Cuyler, SUNY Bing. Physical Plant, SUNY Bing. Library. "Calm Down Mother" was presented by arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Prologue music from "Ondine" by Maurice Ravel. "Rites" was presented by arrangement with Jonathan Cowles Limited, London, England. Plumbers March by Susan Peters.
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