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Toys in the Attic
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Toys in the Attic
October, 1974
Studio I, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
A deeply moving drama by one of America's most distinguished playwrights - Lilian Hellman. “French Lessons in Songs" and “Bernier Day” By Marc Blitztien.
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Maxine Levine; Barbara Ginsberg; Katherine Heine; Susan Jacks; Jeffrey Molbert; Lyn Brown; Amy Williams; Jewdyer Osborne; Gregory Sabol; Connie Lesko; Karen Sleight; Larry Roth; Sam Kandell; David Young
Production Team
Jeffry Rosenstock; Amy Leveen; Carol Hanson; Robert C. Robinson; Jeff Adolf; Susan Blumenthal; Fred Buchanen; Carl Dashman; Marc Einstein; Mike Ennist; Philip Kennedy; Lloyd Silberman; Members of Theatre 111; Terri Dimassino; Ken Tabachinick; Philip Kennedy; Myra Koutzen; Barry Williams; Adrianne Despot; Karen Molilenni; Monica Spense; Tony Bednarczyk; Alan Arthur Katz
Philip Conole, Richard Smith, Plaza Travel Bureau, Hairstyles by Clifford of Continental Coiffures. Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French.
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