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Little Mary Sunshine
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Little Mary Sunshine
November, 1974
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
A delightful musical spoof of the stage and screen operettas of a couple of decades ago - nostalgia served up tongue-in-cheek with the able assistance of the Department of Music.
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Victoria Ann Devany; Eleanor Ruth Murray; Adinah Riportella; John Ioli; Susan B. Glass; Chris Scott; Joan Jurich; Laurie Levine; Richard Klees; Jonathan C. Fox; Tony Bednarczyk; Elissa-Raquel Weitz; Ron Lynch; Ed Musick; Ron Katz; Alan Lebowitz; Martin Zeichner; Fred Goldberg; Raymond Incroyable; Howard Weinberg; Shirley Brown; Merrell Weiss; Janet Ziebur; Paul Ketchoyian; Cindy Baldwin; Marsha Pivamik; Barbara Quick; Ellen Loring; Allan Winans; David Bespalko; James Magacs; Nancy Julius; Eileen Pasternak; Jeffrey Taxman; Geoffrey Brooks; Paul Goodman; Susan Marks; George Myers; Oscar Maxwell; Fritz Loewenstein; Bob Seletsky; Jeanne Woodruff; Howard Cohen; Myra Greenstein; Tracy Slack; Debbie Neu; Susan Peters
Production Team
Robert C. Robinson; Rosalyn Martuscello; Shirley Brown; Clifford of Continental Coiffures; Ray Fister; Phil Kennedy; Myra Koutzen; Amy Leveen; Fred Buchanan; Michael Baumgarten; Jesse Rabinowitz; Naomi Rabinowitz; Mary Mattingly; Jeff Adolph; Andy Gutterman; Lorian Lipton; Brenda Maloy; Jon Riedl; Ken Tabachnic; Margaret Lango; Carol Schlossman; Roy Abbott; Jesse Rabinowitz; K.J. Neuman; Adrianne Despot; Karen Molinelli; Monica Spense; Gertrude Date; Theater 111 Students; Tony Bednarczyk; Grey Cattell Johnson; Alan Arthur Katz
This production is presented by arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.
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