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Uncle Vanya
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Uncle Vanya
November and December, 1973
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
The play is divided into four acts and set in Serebryakoc's country estate.
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Paul Walker; Sandra M. Heubner; Miranda Gubernick; Nicole Henri; Bryan Burdick; Robert Bays; Frank Frascati; Kathryn M. Mesney; Peter Osterhaus; Sharon Rosenblum
Production Team
Alvin H. Spector; Janet Randall; Shelley Grabel; Camille Gaudier; Theater 111 Class; Diane DeBaum; Adriene Despot; Marian Durgin; Sue Hargrave; Jon Arkin; Terry Di Massina; Tom Donahue; Purple Irwin; Myra Koutzen; Claudia Schulman; Joe Tenga; Constance J. Dorula; Alan Wolf; Wendy Barrow; Thomas Donahue; Judy Kidera; Thomas Honan; Philip J. Kennedy; David Schulbrum; Bonnie Haruch; Myra Koutzen; Jon Arkin; Theater 113; Ellen Feinberg; Roger Drumm; Howard Goldberg; Fredrika Glantz; Theater 112; Ricardo Molina; Frank Frascati; Susan Husselrath
Arthur Lessac, Dorothy T. Mesney, Lucy Stectura, and Al Leblanc.
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