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The Man and the Fly
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The Man and the Fly
1971 Fall
Studio One; Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"The Man and the Fly" was written in Madrid in 1967-68. In 1969, a Madrid theatre attempted to obtain permission to produce the play in vain and one year later a Madrid publishing house was pre­vented from publishing it by the censors. The play has been published in the present version in "The New Wave Spanish Drama," edited by George E. Wellwarth (New York University Press, 1970), al­though it has not yet appeared in its original Spanish version. It is also scheduled for publication in 1972 by the Thomas Y. Crowell Co. in "The Themes of Drama," edited by George E. Wellwarth. José Ruibal: “When I was writing the play I felt that any future it might have in production would be outside my own country. I do not mean by this that I was trying to reflect the political reality of Spain in this work. A work of art, to be sure, always refers to a con­crete cultural and historical reality, but my intent was to reflect a trait common to all politicians, to wit, their desire to perpetuate their feeling of power be­yond their own lives and to continue to rule after death. If this characteristic is sufficiently common in all politicians, it may reach grotesque proportions in the minds of dictators. This grotesquerie is the philo­sophical basis of my play.”
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Jack Bradt; Alfred Wilson; Joanne Barrett; Sue Plusselrath; Donna Manke; Jay Berg
Production Team
Janet Nichols; Eric Chasanoff; Ellen Feinberg; Richard Rudin; Laura Weiman; Theater 112 Class; Theater 111 Class; Fran Miksits; Alvin Spector; Amy Wolpin; Pam Fenty; Janet Randall; Carol Mitch; Vivian Kesten; Janet Nichols; Bryan Burdick
The Department of Theater gratefully acknowledges the assistance and cooperation of the Spanish Department. Special thanks to Kroehler Manufacturing Company.
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