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Vastrapur Village
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Vastrapur Village
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Ahmadābād, Gujarāt, India
RLV: The line between 'home' and 'public space' and 'place' is not as clear in these rural communities at the time of the photo. Probably not much has changed but would be curious what this area looked like today. At the time of these photos, RLV described his initial interest was really focused on the public space being a 'studio' to build pots for a local festival in which people would purchase pots to 'throw down and break during a celebration' only to be recycled again for a future use/celebration. The pots he noted were well made, almost perfect in symmetry despite the hand held and crude tools used to spin the pots. The artisan stacked the pots on end creating 'racks' of pots that overtook the public space of this small settlement. The importance of art and decorative elements in everyday life in the poorest of communities never ceased to fascinate RLV from India, to China, to Spain or Cambodia. Capturing the culture of each place he visited was as important as the buildings in that most of the time one informed the other and could be found in the details of the art, the buildings and their design.
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