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William Stead
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Methodist Church, United States
William Stead
Methodist Episcopal
Methodist Conference: New York
Served as Minister
Brother Stead was the son of Reverend Henry Stead, a member of this conference. He was born in the Parish of Brayton, Yorkshire, England, in 1799, and was brought to this country by his parents when three years old. He experienced remission of sin in the nineteenth year of his age in the city of Albany. Although he had long felt it to be his duty, he did not give himself to the work of the ministry until nearly twelve years after he was admitted on trial in the New York conference in the year 1812, and appointed on Johnstown Circuit. Since this, he has filled the following appointments, viz: Lansingburgh and Waterford, Sand Lake, Pittstown, New Lebanon Chatham and Chester. It was at this last place he finished his course on the sixth day of January 1844, in the forty-fifth year of his age, after a long, protracted and very painful suffering. His patients and the suffering gave evidence of his deep Heidi and entire resignation to the will of his Heavenly Father, and in his last moments, he gave satisfactory tokens that his faith overcame the last enemy. He has left a widow and three children. Brother Stead was characterized by great fidelity, ingenuousness, and sociability. He was very modest in his pretensions, generally esteeming others better than himself. In all his intercourse with his brethren, he was very affectionate and agreeable. He was a good preacher, remarkable for simplicity and ardor, and he was a most excellent pastor. He has finished his course and rest from his labors.
United Methodist Archive Center, Drew University Library, 36 Madison Avenue, Madison NJ
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