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Federal Hill Project: Interview with Frank DeLisi by Richard DelFino (audio)
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Federal Hill Project: Interview with Frank DeLisi by Richard DelFino (audio)
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DeLisi, Frank
DelFino, Richard (Interviewer)
Federal Hill Project: Interview with Frank DeLisi by Richard DelFino (audio)
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The Federal Hill Project was managed vt Dr. Carmela E. Santoro, director of the Oral History Project, and professor of history at Rhode Island College. The project was funded through a Community Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to Mr. Ralph Perotta. Many of those interviewed for the project were members of the Federal Hill House Association or familiar with its work. The interviews include reminiscences of their places of origin in Italy, remembrance of travel to and arrival in America, welcome by the Rhode Island Italian community, and help from FHHA or other benevolent and mutual societies. Also discussed are their work, customs, traditions, and how they have assimilated and become American.
Interview discusses the life of Frank DeLisi in Italy and their experience since moving to the United States of America. Topics include religion, gender, business, and the Federal Hill neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island. Keywords: oral history; italian immigrant; Federal Hill; Anthropology; Communication; Italian culture; Interview; National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs; ethnic studies
Social and Cultural Anthropology; Ethnic identity; Migrants -- Italy; Oral history -- Immigrants -- 20th century -- Rhode Island -- Providence; Italian Americans -- Social life and customs; Ethnic neighborhoods -- Rhode Island -- Providence
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