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Moses, William Stainton
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Moses, William Stainton
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W. S. Moses was a famous British spiritualist known for his powers of levitation. He earned his M.A. from Exeter College in Oxford and became an ordained minister of the Church of England. He wrote for Punch and Saturday Review. In 1869 he fell very ill for the first time causing him to take professional positions only to be left after a short time because of reoccuring sickness. The longest stint was as professor at University College School in London beginning in 1871 and lasting until 1889. From 1872 to 1881 he left the Church of England to pursue spirtualism. He published various works on spiritualism, the most famous of which was "Spirit Teachings" in 1883 as well as 24 notebooks of automatic scripts from 1872 to 1883. It is believed that Moses served as medium for 49 spirits. From 1884 on he served as president of the London Spirtualist Alliance.
Special Collections and College Archives, Musselman Library, Gettysburg College
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