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Boat Shaped Stone Lamp
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Item Details
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Boat Shaped Stone Lamp
carving (processes)
height 3.6 cm
length 8.7 cm
width 6.4 cm
Provenance and prior publication: Lamp ID #284
Further object details: carved, stone. fabric: gray/white mottle stone, granite?
Professor Anne Nicogorski, Willamette University, cited with permission:
This somewhat boat-shaped lamp is unique in that it was carved from stone. The large, open reservoir is circular in shape. The wick hole is pierced from the front at an acute angle into the side of the reservoir. The edge along the top is incised. The pierced handle at the rear is partially broken. Shape: Almond shaped lamp with flat base; nearly straight side walls; squared lip; open top; small spout at pointed end; vertical ring handle attached to side of body at wide end. Decoration: Pair of parallel grooves running around side of body, halfway up walls; radiating diagonal grooves on top of rim. Inscriptions: None.Condition: Mostly complete; much of handle broken away; dirty and encrusted; burnt along rim and interior.
Portland State University Middle East Studies Center
Accession Number
PSU 193 (199)
Image reproduced with permission from Portland State University Middle East Studies Center
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