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Choirilē, daughter of Herak[leio]doros
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Ancient Greek
Choirilē, daughter of Herak[leio]doros
Work Type
object (utilitarian) ; tombstones (sepulchral monuments); stelae
Vólos, Magnisía, Thessaly, Greece (current)
Demetrias, Magnisía, Thessaly, Greece (discovery)
marble (rock) (White marble with pigments; almost complete from 5 pieces joined, of which three parts complete the pediment with part of the left corner of the pier, the other two parts make up the remainder of the stele. However the top parts and bottom parts do not join. But the inscription and the remains of the paint establish it securely that all pieces belong to the same stele.)
painting (image-making); inscriptions
height .665 meters; width .343 meters; depth .06 meters
A steeply angled pediment is topped with three acroteria. A rosette centers the typanum, which is outlined in read paint. A lively leaf pattern adorns the geison, under which is the inscription, partially filled in with red paint. Only fragment of the painted scene survives. A small girl, dressed in a blue-green chiton and wearing a white bead necklace, stands behind a circular altar. Her right arm is stretched out as if holding something out. To the right of the girl and altar is a column with a red shaft and blue-grey column capital.
Χ Ο Ι Ρ . . . Η ΗΡΑΚ....ΔΩΡΟΥ ; Choirilē, daughter of Herak[leio]doros (Tina Salowey)
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A.S. Arvanitopoulos, Θεσσαλικὰ Μνημεῖα. Ἀθανασάκειον Μουσείον ἐν Βολῷ Ι. (Athens 1909)
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