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Kyoto Imperial Palace
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Kyoto Imperial Palace
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metal gutters and roof joists
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imperial palaces
Work: 12th century (creation); 1855 (restoration)
Era: CE
Image: July 2010
Early Edo; Heian
The Kyoto Imperial Palace is the former ruling palace of the Emperor of Japan. The Emperors have since resided at the Tokyo Imperial Palace after the Meiji Restoration in 1869, and the preservation of the Kyoto Imperial Palace was ordered in 1877. Today, the grounds are open to the public, and the Imperial Household Agency hosts public tours of the buildings several times a day.
The Imperial Palace has been officially located in this area since the final abandonment of the Daidairi in late 12th century. However, it was already much earlier that the de facto residence of the emperors was often not in the Inner Palace of the original Heian period palace, but in one of the temporary residences in this part of the city and often provided to the emperor by powerful noble families. The present palace is a direct successor—after iterations of rebuilding—to one of these sato-dairi palaces, the Tsuchimikado Dono of the Fujiwara clan. The palace, like many of the oldest and most important buildings in Japan, was destroyed by fire and rebuilt many times over the course of its history. It has been destroyed and rebuilt eight times, six of them during the 250-year-long peace of the Edo period. The version currently standing was completed in 1855, with an attempt at reproducing the Heian period architecture and style of the original dairi of the Heian Palace. --
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Quale, John
Source Qualifier: Donor
Photographer: Quale, John
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site: Kyoto, Kyōto, Kinki, Japan
Image Subject
gutters (building drainage components); ceiling joists
Spatial coordinates
35.025278 ; 135.762222
Quale, John
© John Quale
© Rector and Visitors, University of Virginia
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