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Antifaschistische Aktion -- Nazis Auf's Maul ...Wer Nicht Hören Will, Muss Fühlen!
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Antifaschistische Aktion -- Nazis Auf's Maul ...Wer Nicht Hören Will, Muss Fühlen!, result 1 of 1

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Antifaschistische Aktion -- Nazis Auf's Maul ...Wer Nicht Hören Will, Muss Fühlen!
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Berlin, Germany
Antifascist message from Antifaschistische Aktion (antifa in Germany), a non-hierarchical, autonomous network of political groups whose goal is to “smash fascism” and other forms of oppression. Image of a battered neo-Nazi and the title clearly advocates violence against neo-Nazis. The antifa logo with two flags is also featured in the lower right.
Courtesy of the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery.
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Hatch Kingdom Sticker Museum; Antifaschistische Aktion
Antifascist Action -- Hit The Nazis Where You Can ...Who Doesn't Want To Hear, Must Feel!
Curator's Notes
Antifa members create propaganda (fliers, brochures, stickers) and organize rallies and demonstrations against far right, nationalist, and anti-Semitic activities and events. The original antifa logo of two waving red flags surrounded by a red circle was designed in 1932 by two German graphic artists, Max Kelison and Max Gebhart. At the time, the red flags represented the unity of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). Since the 1980s, the antifa logo depicts two waving red and black flags surrounded by a red or black circle. The red flag represents socialism and communism, while the black flag represents anarchy, groups joined together against fascism. The flag logo has been modified by various groups to comment upon such issues as sexism, homophobia, racism, environmental degradation, capitalism, etc.
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Council of Independent Colleges provided funding support for this project.
Wyatt Adams '18 catalogued this sticker as part of an independent research project.
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