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World Map of US Possessions
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World Map of US Possessions
Full TItle: Rand, McNally & Co.'s New 14 x 21 Map of the World
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Map published in book or serial - source not in collection
(cm, H x W) 33 x 48
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This map of "American Imperialism" is unusual because it shows all U.S. possessions in red, thus following the format long established by the British Empire!
From the middle of the 19th century, through the fervor of the Spanish-American War, and until the first stirring of World War in Europe, territorial expansion was one of the defining themes of America. The notion of "manifest destiny" supported the acquisition of territory, first across the continent, and then abroad. Maps reflecting and reinforcing those views were "standard fare" in American textbooks, atlases and other works. Schulten 2012, 58, 187-88. The collection includes a number of examples of this “American Imperialism;” see Subjects > Imperialism.
The map is copyrighted 1895, but the date is estimated at 1898 because that is the year in which Cuba and Puerto Rico first became U.S. "possessions" as shown by the coloration.
Map published in book or serial - source not in collection
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