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The Proposed Emigrant Dumping Site
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The Proposed Emigrant Dumping Site
Full TItle: The Proposed Emigrant Dumping Site
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Map published in book or serial - source not in collection
(cm, H x W) 34 x 26
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Judge, March 22, 1890.
Collector's Notes
This satirical cartoon attacks a proposal by William Windom, Secretary of the Treasury in the Harrison administration, to move the processing of immigrants from The Battery to Liberty Island. Two "European Garbage Ships," one labeled "Refuse," unceremoniously deposit a scruffy mix of immigrants at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. Windom looks on from the Treasury building in Washington as Lady Liberty, her face angry, lifts her robes to keep them from being soiled. "Mr. Windom," she says, "if you are going to make this island a garbage heap, I'm going back to France."
Windom was personally eager to restrict immigration into the U.S. He had urged exclusion of those "inimical to our social and political institutions," wanted to require "certificates of character and fitness" from American consular officials, and warned of "threats to native blue-collar jobs as the fruits of unrestrained immigration." Fischer 1988, 107. On March 13, 1890, he proposed more rigorous screening of immigrants under direct federal control - offshore, on Liberty Island. This cartoon followed nine days later, along with a storm of criticism from many sources. "If Windom's suggestion was a mere trial balloon (as many thought it was), it soared higher and more explosively than the naive secretary could have expected." Pulitzer's New York World called it an "outrage" and asked Congress to act. In Paris, the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi himself called the proposal "monstrous" and a "desecration," putting an end to the idea for good. Cunningham 2003, 56.
The collection includes a number of persuasive maps featuring the Statue of Liberty: ID #2309 (1875), #1091 (1885), #2125 (1885), #1109 (1890), #1176 (1915).
Map published in book or serial - source not in collection
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