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Journal de la Belgique
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Journal de la Belgique
Full TItle: Journal de la Belgique [Leo Belgicus as logo]
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Map published in book or serial - source not in collection
(cm, H x W) 4.5 x 3.5 on page 28 x 23
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The Leo Belgicus map was "an important element in building a common sense of national belonging, in the birth – without wanting to exaggerate – of a Dutch identity, forged in the anti-imperial struggle." Ricci 2015, 117. This is an example of Leo Belgicus used as a logo on Belgian publications after the defeat of Napoleon. Heijden 2006, 114 (Map 32).
The first Leo Belgicus map was made by Michael Eitzinger in 1583, during the Dutch War of Independence (1568–1648), a revolution by the "seventeen provinces" (predominantly, current Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and northern France) against Spain. Delaney 2012, 199. For a discussion of "why a lion," see Heijden 2006, 11-22. When the Dutch Republic was finally established in 1648, the cartographic image took on new meaning as a symbol of power and independence. Heijden identifies 33 separate versions of Leo Belgicus from 1583 to 1815, many with multiple states. See also Baynton-Williams 2015, 30, 36, 38; Phaidon 2015, 263. For an example from the year of Dutch independence, see ID #1011, the title page from the 1648 edition of Famiano Strada's "De Bello Belgico," Heijden 12.1.
Map published in book or serial - source not in collection
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