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Map of German Culture in the West
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Map of German Culture in the West
Full TItle: Kulturkarte des Deutschen Werstens [Map of German Culture in the West]
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Map published separately
(cm, H x W) 68 x 48
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This map from August 1940 shows the "cultural" claims of Germany along its Western frontier. Along with the current border, historical borders are shown for the period 1871-1919 (between the Franco-German war and the Treaty of Versailles), and for the Middle Ages. Yellow lines deep in French territory are labeled "Natural Defense Stages of the Paris Basin," and the double-eagle symbol of the "Reichsdeutsche Städte" is shown on French and Belgian cities along with the dates when they were German, including Liege 1801, Verdun 843, Nancy 1766, Epinal 1766, Besancon 1032, 1410.
The map was produced by one of the leading figures in Nazi cartography, Dr. Dr. Friedrich Lange. (Lange had two doctoral degrees, and insisted on being described as "Dr. Dr." Herb 1997, 91.) The collection includes a number of Lange's maps: ID #1264 (87,545,000 Germans in Europe); ID #1286 (Map of German Culture in the West); ID #1257.01 (Berlin a Border State on Three Sides); ID #1257.02 (The Eastern Front German States); ID #2040 (Das ganze Deutschland soll es sein!)
Map published separately
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