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Film Screening and Discussion: "Herb & Dorothy 50x50" (2013), 09/04/2014
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Film Screening and Discussion: "Herb & Dorothy 50x50" (2013), 09/04/2014, result 1 of 1

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Film Screening and Discussion: "Herb & Dorothy 50x50" (2013), 09/04/2014
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View toward the east wall on the lower level of the Pavilion entrance to the Walker Art Building. On September 04, 2014 a screening of the film "Herb & Dorothy 50x50" (2013) was held in Kresge Auditorium in conjunction with the exhibition "'It's What You Do With What You View:' Selections from the Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art," shown in the Zuckert Seminar Room from June 28, 2014 through September 14, 2014. The screening was followed by a discussion with Dorothy Vogel in the Halford Gallery. The film was created by Megumi Sasaki as a follow-up to her 2008 film entitled "Herb & Dorothy." Both films celebrated the collecting prowess of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel as they acquired many works representing the history of minimal, post-minimal, and conceptual art. In early 2014 the Bowdoin College Museum of Art proudly announced a gift of 320 works from the Vogel Collection. After the discussion period a reception was held in the Museum's Pavilion entrance. In this image Joachim Homann, the Museum curator, speaks with Jennifer Edwards '89, the curator of visual resources in the Art Department, and with Linda Docherty, Associate Professor of Art History Emerita.
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