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Volunteer Conference - Fall '83
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Volunteer Conference - Fall '83
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A conference entitled "Volunteers and Staff: The Working Equation", sponsored by the Bowdoin College Museums and the Maine State Commission of the Arts and the Humanities, was held in Daggett Lounge, Wentworth Hall on October 21, 1983. The members of the panel shown here are not identified. The conference was organized by Patricia Anderson, curator of education, with the assistance of Lisa Paige, immediate past president of the Museum volunteers. The keynote speaker was Susan Reid Greene, director of institutional relations at Resources for the Future. Workshops and panels were held throughout the day, with a final summary session presented by Judith Sobol, director of the Joan Whitney Payson Gallery at Westbrook College in Portland, Maine. Patricia M. Anderson was curator of education from 1980 to 1984 and was later the author of "The Architecture of Bowdoin College" (1988). Born in 1930, she was trained as an art historian and became a successful teacher and author as well as a strong champion of historic preservation. She died on March 17, 2008.
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