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Chapel - Side Gallery
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Chapel - Side Gallery
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1870 ? - 1895 ?
Black and White Negative
View of the right side and part of the left side of an original stereoscopic image. The room in the image appears to have the same ceiling pattern as that shown in hpc271_07.jp2, the gallery on the north side of the Bowdoin Chapel. This image contains no plaster casts, which were acquired in the early 1880s. Several of the paintings on the wall also appear in other photographs of the Sophia Walker Gallery on the second floor of the Chapel Building ( e.g., hpc275_07.jp2). Among the paintings shown are: top row, Gilbert Stuart's "Portrait of James Madison" (1813.54) and "Portrait of Thomas Jefferson" (1813.55), as well as numerous Bowdoin family portraits; and on the second row, John Smibert's "The Continence of Scipio" (1813.10). An image with a complete view of both sides of the stereoscopic photograph is contained in the Bowdoin Library Archives Image Gallery with the file name 1326_600.tif. This collection is administered by the George C. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives and contains several thousand photographs, including numerous images of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art and the Walker Art Building.
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Restricted access. This image may be protected by applicable copyright laws. For permission to use or reproduce this image, contact the office of the Assistant Director for Communications at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art.
A larger version of the right side of this image appears in Charles C. Calhoun's "A Small College in Maine, Two Hundred Years of Bowdoin", page 111 with caption: "The Trustees named the Sophia Walker Gallery in the Chapel for the mother of Theophilus Wheeler Walker, a cousin of President Woods's who had concerned himself with the state of the College's art collection. Most of the paintings had been left to the College by James Bowdoin III and his widow, Sarah Bowdoin Dearborn."
Bowdoin College Museum of Art
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