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Ping: Film shoot plan
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Ping: Film shoot plan
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Shooting scripts
One can see in some of the examples the film script showed the progress of the full Beckett text in fragments at the left edge of each page. Three horizontal lines delimited 15-second passages of time and detailed comments were provided explaining what was to occur during (in this case) the 18th minute of the film. Around 18:07.5, there was to be a "cut to very fast continuous succession of antic posses within box). As it turns out, these were usually 1 - 3 frames in duration, I believe. This rapid passage then cut to black at about 18:14. At 18:19, a similar rapid burst of color fields is indicated for about 2 seconds, then a cut to the "Standard Pose" in a normal view followed immediately, at about 18:27, by a light blue color rectangle that then faded to white-out at 18:37.5. There is then a cut to the Standard Pose, though slightly out of focus. On other pages, the placement of other interrupting images or alterations in the way the boxed figure is represented are described in a similar way. Occasionally details regarding rapid intercutting or cross-fading are provided.
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based on: Beckett, Samuel, 1906-1989. Ping
Film shoot plans
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