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Ping: Score: Ping score mock-up, fragment: verso hand written notes
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Ping: Score: Ping score mock-up, fragment: verso hand written notes, result 1 of 1

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Ping: Score: Ping score mock-up, fragment: verso hand written notes
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In preparing for presentation of this work in the form of an explanatory score, I pasted text fragments such as this into a viable montage that allowed for page design. The score for Ping involved not only the necessary representation to the performers of sound events, time and relationships, but also an explanation of the entire context within which a performance was supposed to occur. In many inter-medisa works, the creators simply (?) guided events in performance by word of mouth and example. I tried, in contrast, to actually create a "socre document" that would allow potential performers to grasp not only the aesthetic ends, and performance practice involved, but the overall logistical context. Ping is in three sections, identified as A, B, and C. Particular conditions shape the musical materials used in each section as well as the electroacoustic sounds (and their modification) and text projections (and their modifications). The performing musicians included a flutist, a pianist, and a percussionist who performed on harmonium, bowed cymbal and bowed tam tam. The tam tam and cymbal could produce specific pitches discovered in pre-rehearsal explorations by the percussionist. The flutist used certain non-standard multiphonics, and the pianist frequently addressed the strings of the piano directly rather than through the keyboard alone. The complete Beckket text from his short story, Ping", was projected by means of a set of slides designed by Karen Reynolds. These slides were presented from alternating left-right projectors. Two other operators controled the use of optical prisms, and gradated color filters in order to fragment, disperse, and blur, artistically, the texts wheich were projected white letters in a black field (and were therefore open to color modification.)
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based on: Beckett, Samuel, 1906-1989. Ping
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