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戦争ポンチ わしたいぢ / Sensō ponchi: Washi taiji / War Comics: The Subjugation of Eagle
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戦争ポンチ わしたいぢ / Sensō ponchi: Washi taiji / War Comics: The Subjugation of Eagle, result 1 of 1

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戦争ポンチ わしたいぢ / Sensō ponchi: Washi taiji / War Comics: The Subjugation of Eagle
Animals that seem to represent Russian workers dig the ground for treasures. The black bear from the previous page is the commander and is standing next to two chickens and a dragon that seem to represent the people of タカラノクニ. There is a Chinese looking building in the background which hints that タカラノクニrepresents China.
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Work Type
color lithographs
illustrated books
Printed July 1, 1904
distributed July 4, 1904 (Meiji 37)
Lithograph on paper
17.4cm X 22.9cm
Illustrated booklet of Russo-Japanese War propaganda
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
ID Number
トリ『アーナサケナイ』 リウ『ウーン ヽ』 クマ『タカラヲクスネテワナラヌゾ』 ヒトノモノワ ヲレノモノ ヲレノモノワ ヲレノモノ  ドロボーワ、ナレタモノダ  キンギン スイシヨー ダイヤモンド マダデルヽ O how many preciousthing! Devit of avarice
Bird:"Ahh, I'm embarassed" Dragon:"yes, yes" Bear:"You can't steal the treasure" Whatever is others' is mine, whatever is mine is mine. Oh I've become so accustomed to stealing. Gold, silver, crystals, diamond, it keeps coming out!
Donated to Cornell University with the Willard Dickerman Straight Collection
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