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Chatham University Minor Bird June 1935
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Chatham University Minor Bird June 1935
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The June 1935 issue of the Minor Bird includes the following works: "The Old Man from the Sea" by Dorothy Sargent, "College Education" by Helen Wilson, "Spring" by Katherine Pyle, "Winter" by Katherine Pyle, "Evening " by Margaret Rowe, "An Incident" by Thelma Martindale, "Bridge as a Psychic Stethoscope" by Catherine Boyd, "Her Hat" by Prudence Goodale, "The Hackney Steps Out" by Katherine Dangerfield, "Grown-Up Make-Believe" by Virginia Watkins, "Sleepyhead" by Elizabeth Miller, "What Price Glamour?" by Helen Birmingham, "Peggy’s First Dance" by Sally Donaldson, "In The Book Shop" by Sana Mouromseff, "`The Grand Canawl’" by Katrina Utme, "Spring Fever" by Grace Crutchfield, "Unwanted Cargo" by Sally Aldridge, "Late Thought" by Margaret Rowe, "Paradox " by G.P.C., "Victoria Hrushka" by Mary Seaver, "Mrs. Bianco" by Prudence Goodale, "A Japanese Print " by G.P.C., "Jimmie" by Margaret Stockdale, "A Corner in Husbands" by Jane Dowler, "Picture " by Margaret Rowe, "Return" by Jane Wehr, and "Snow at Night " by G.P.C. The issue was managed by Jane Dowler (Editor-in-Chief), Winifred Jeffries (Senior Editor), Elizabeth Miller (Junior Editor), Grace Crutchfield (Sophomore Editor), Margaret Perry (Freshman Editor), Virginia Watkins (Business Manager), Helen Wilson (Advertising Manager), Mary Seaver (Senior Advertising Member), Margaret Rowe (Junior Advertising Member), Mary Ottilie Heumann (Sophomore Advertising Member), Eleonor Meanor (Freshman Advertising Member), and Miss Alta A. Robinson (Faculty Advisor).
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