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Antiphonal Page 48
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Antiphonal Page 48
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16 in. x 23 1/2 in.
Manuscript Antiphonal on Vellum in Latin [Italian, 1740] Elephant folio, 28 leaves; complete. Each leave being approx. 16 inches x 23 1/2 inches. The index is on the verso of the introductory page, which indicates 14 different antiphons for both the office and the mass. Most leaves contain six lines in a Gothic hand and music on a four line stave. There are painted initials throughout, principally in red and blue, with some orange, brown, and gold, and a more elaborate decoration on the introductory page. One antiphon only, for the Feast of St. Francis, has an illuminated stigmata. This is an attractive binding in the medieval style with embossed calf over wooden boards, and 5 metal bosses on each board. The binding has been sensitively rebacked and is imposing with its metallic protectors. Provenance: The antiphonal is from the collection of Thomas Nelson Page [1853 - 1922], American author and diplomat, who acquired it in Europe, presumably during the period he served as the United States ambassador to Italy. It remained in Page's family until 2005, when it was donated to the Bortz Library at Hampden-Sydney College by Mr. Frank Johns and Mrs. Thomas N. P. Johns. An appraisal was done by Nicholas T. Cook, III of Black Swan Books upon it's receipt by the College.
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