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Cairo : Mosque of Sultan Barkook
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Cairo : Mosque of Sultan Barkook
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1 photograph
16 x 9.8 cm ( 6.25 x 4 in).
A domed mosque with minarets and buildings with dark and whitish stripes.
The photographer's signature is at lower right. There is an attached description: "The Mosque of Sultan Barkook is one of the finest of the Cairene buildings. It contains the tomb of his wife and daughter, Fatima, the sultan himself lying among the Mameluke Kings. The courses of red and white stone are here very striking ; but the tomb has a special interest as the memorial of one who twice, A.D. 1393-94, defeated Timour and his Tartars in the Syrian plains."
Lazard Notes: "Decoupee dans une photo plus grande? Au dos des commentaires [...] au commentaire se rapportant au part? Apres 'Pompey's Pillar' qui cerait le n° 1002 dans ce car."
Verso: "1014" is handwritten in pencil.
ID Number
Bertrand and Paola Lazard Holy Land Collection ; [Bahdr] ; Christies ; 1988 July
Collection provided by the Library at the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania. CC BY 2.0
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