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Textile fragment/Coptic
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Coptic Egyptian
Textile fragment/Coptic
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Textile Fragment
8th century
Linen, wool, woven, slit tapestry, flying shuttle, slanted weft
Woven textile fragment; a sleeve decoration for a tunic; rectangular form with two large rectangular blocks of motif. Weaving techniques includes slit tapestry, flying shuttle, and slanted weft. Center rectangles have bleached wool ground with dark brown human and animal figures; bordered by off-white guilloche motif on brown ground; two sides have crenellation borders; edges have motifs on brown ground; top, bottom and small center stripe are of light orange plain weave; two sides of entire piece are selvedge. Mounted and framed.
Textile and Costume Collection, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
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Accession Number: 1980.1.17
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