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Nunca fomos tão felizes
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Nunca fomos tão felizes
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Feature Film
DVD, Dolby digital.
After eight years of studying at a religious boarding school, a teenager, whose mother died, receives a letter from his father who has been released from prison and wants his son to come live with him in Rio. While on the road between the boarding school and Rio, it becomes clear how difficult it will be for the father to establish an affectionate relationship with his son, who feels perplexed in front of this distant and mysterious person he remembers only from childhood. (Translated from Filmografia of the Cinemateca Brasileira)
ID Number
Alcione Araújo, João Gilberto Noll (story)
Cláudio Marzo, Roberto Bataglin, Susana Vieira
Morena Filmes; Embrafilme
In Portuguese
Brazilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema 1984: Candango Trophy for Best Film & Best Editing; Gramado Film Festival 1984: Golden Kikito for Best Screenplay & Best Cinematography; Locarno International Film Festival 1984 - Ernest Artaria Award.
1984, Alcione Araújo, Cinefilmes, Cláudio Marzo, Embrafilme, Imacom Comunicação, Murilo Salles, Roberto Bataglin, Susana Vieira, fathers, prison
Special Interest
Literary Adaptation
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