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Proibido proibir
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Proibido proibir
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Feature Film
DVD (region 4); anamorphic widescreen; Dolby digital 2.0 and 5.1.
The story of three friends in Rio de Janeiro: Leon, a sociology student; his girlfiend Leticia, an architecture student; and Paulo, a medical student and Leon's best friend and roommate. Although Paulo finds himself attracted to Leticia, his friendship with Leon prevents him from acting on his feelings. When Rosalind, a leukemia patient at the hospital where Paulo interns, asks him to get in touch with her sons, the three friends are pulled out of their relatively tranquil lives and drawn into the violence and police corruption in one of Rio's infamous favelas. (IMDb synopsis)
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Jorge Durán, Dani Patarra
Caio Blat, Maria Flor, Alexandre Rodrigues
El Desierto Filmes; Europa Filmes; Jorge Durán; Suzana Amado; Adrian Solar; Leilah Maria
In Portuguese; with optional Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish subtitles
Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema: Golden Sun, 2006. Cartagena Film Festival: Golden India Catalina for Best Actor, 2008. Havana Film Festival: Special Jury Prize, 2006. Huelva Latin American Film Festival: Silver Colon for Best Screenplay, 2006. Miami Brazilian Film Festival: Crystal Lens for Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Film, 2007. San Sebastián International Film Festival: Films in Progress Award and SIGNIS Films in Progress Award, 2005. Silver Daisy Awards, Brazil: Silver Daisy, 2006. Viña del Mar Film Festival: Paoa for Best Film, 2006.
2007, Alexandre Rodrigues, Caio Blat, Dani Patarra, El Desierto Filmes, Europa Filmes, favela, Jorge Durán, Maria Flor, Rio de Janeiro, Romance, police corruption, friends
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