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Quase nada
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Quase nada
Work Type
Feature Film
DVD (Region 4); Letterbox; Dolby digital 2.0.
Inspired by true events. Three rural murders that never reached the Brazilian media: A peasant who murdered his work colleague; a cowboy who, tormented by the ghost of his former crime partner, went crazy; and a jealous gardener who couldn't stand being abandoned by his wife and decided to kill her.
ID Number
Sérgio Rezende
Augusto Pompeo, Camilo Bevilacqua, Genésio de Barros, Denise Weinberg, Chico Expedito, Caio Junqueira, Ana Luiza Rabello, Sérgio Rezende
Morena Filmes; Filmanía; Mariza Leão
In Portuguese; with optional Portuguese, English or Spanish subtitles
2000, agricultural laborers, Ana Luiza Rabello, Augusto Pompeu, Caio Junqueira, Camilo Bevilacqua, Chico Expedito, Crime, Denise Weinberg, Genésio de Barros, Murder, cowboy, Paramount Home Entertainment, Morena Filmes, Filmanía, Sergio Rezende
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